After delving into the performance of the 1A yo-yo,

We finally have the confidence to make a good 4A yo-yo!

Aquila initial appearance was in the 2018 WYYC, given to the team God-Tricks to use.

After sharing the trial with  4A players, their performance was well evaluated!

Aquila is equipped with eight pairs of spacers,

Let it have 1.93-3.33mm large range adjustable wheelbase,

Basically can adapt to all the world’s professional yo-yo rope.

width 63mm ,Meet the fault-tolerant needs of today’s 4A players.

Stainless steel bearings, so you have no worries.




We designed the Aquila so that it has a certain amount of bounce.

You can also have excellent idling ability so that you can practice/play longtime fancy.

Or two yo-yo will be more flexible.

The weight and the drop of the serve were just right, it’s easier to control.