Destiny Mark 3


Destiny series, as the most widely circulated product of magic brand, has finally ushered in the third production!

The reason why it took so long to make a sequel was that we felt that the last one was really rushed

So we think about the pain, in the performance of the design of power is not controllable before destiny series

And don’t want to disappoint those who support us.Now the time is ripe




Although the appearance is slightly more similar to the previous one, the performance has been greatly improved.

We pull it to a suitable width, and idling and stability up a step.



Our vision of destiny 3 is all-powerful, intended to be forged

A ball that can be used for a variety of fancy styles.

It doesn’t feel out of control like a speedball, and it doesn’t

Like a weight ball, it has a pendant feel

Comfortable feeling.



If you pursue balance, don’t miss destiny 3.

At the same time, we also recommend the novice choice, destiny 3 on

Speed of attack, complexity or diversity is a good bridge.