Exalted Perseus


Made of imported Korean aluminum 7075 with stainless steelring

This yoyo is an upgrade of our 2016 product, Perseus.

Call “Exalted Perseus”

Perseus is designed with a strong philosophy of all aspects,

but it has certain requirements for speedy players,

and it is also a great muscle drain.

Perseus, on the other hand, basically solved the problem

and sacrificed a lot of yoyo.


Perseus can be play by easy power while maintaining a strong performance of the original,

and is extremely friendly to players who have been training for a long time or have a hand or shoulder injury.

Once adapted, it is possible to refresh the hand feel requirements.

Exaltion,in Astrology when a planet enters a designated position corresponding to the constellations,

it says that the planet is crowned with a powerful force.

The name of the yoyo is also according to this term,

and the meaning is “Exalted”.