Freedom Origin

Freedom Origin

2016 God-Tricks new project :Project 99Cash ,National uniform pricing ,99RMB!

Freedom·Origin is the first yoyo in this project.

“Freedom” as God-Tricks first yoyo,was born in Aug 201,It means the beginning of the yoyo sports comprehensive promotion in chinese,and it is God-Tricks origin. Now God-Tricks has come to the sixth year,a year past ,we have been thinking about how to be more clear definiton of a performance of the yoyo,then make it out. Not just about feeling,and when the yoyo sample come out , we made some fuzzy introduce , carry this concpet and the experience  ,we made a yoyo with speed , quick , and steady.—“cyclone IV”. It means God-Tricks go into a new generation of prologue, hapter sequence has been finished, now it is time to start writing a new chapter.


The first step in your advanced ,may i suggest”Freedom·Origin”——A yoyo we create for beginner.Freedom is our origin , if it can become your legend origins , we are much honored。If you are playing good and  worry the success rate,maybe you can try this one and get more training , then you can out of the woods.