Material use of TC4 titanium alloy material,

Previously Hercules,

We have no plans to release the yo-yo of pure titanium

Because of material limitation,

it is difficult to achieve high cost performance

Hercules can be said to follow the crowd

But even then we do our best

Try to improve its stability and idling ability to

the level of excellent stainless steel rim yo-yo

Designed with a relatively moderate feel, it is a versatile yo-yo (except for the finger spin , of course)



Except for the original hardness of titanium alloy,

And we did some post-processing on that,

Let the lustrous degree of Hercules to raise a level。

And, of course, the clear  sound of titanium,

Just the echo of the Hercules, especially clear……



It is the famous Hercules in ancient Greek mythology,

His twelve exploits are compared to the hardness of titanium alloy