God-Tricks : Axle Instrumentality Project


Before we launched bearing the warranty service , in order to better our after-sales service , now Axle Instrumentality Project is on-line , the warranty service for sliding wire . As long as you buy the yo-yo from “God-Tricks” / “GT·Infinity” as legitimate. In China can enjoy the warranty service.

Warranty conditions :

  1. The warranty of fault : Bearing is difficult to spin , yo-yo sliding wire(spheres have been unable to tighten) .
  2. The warranty requirements : Bearings must be with “God-Tricks” a registered trademark of the same font ,  the yo-yo must be “God-Tricks” / “GT·Infinity” as legitimate .
  3. No warranty : Bearing the artificial add foreign body caused by the fault , Bearing detaching improper internal or appearance serious wear and tear , Improper use of tools or methods lead to the yo-yo sliding wire.
  4. A special case of the sliding wire warranty : the yo-yo warranty service for sliding wire is a one-off service , If again after repair damage , the yo-yo is unable to repair. According to the type of the yo-yo or damage , may need blow out the sphere , it must have effects on the appearance but almost consistent performance.

Use advice :

  1. If the  bearing spin hard can try to use first cover cleaning liquid lighter fluid or special cleaning agent.
  2. Please do not in the case of no bearing assembly , tighten hard sphere ; In the case of normal assembly to ensure the ball clamp bearing , not too hard.
  3. If you have found the yo-yo slide wire condition , please do not continue to try to assemble without authorization , expand in order to avoid damage.

This article final explanation right belongs to the ShenZhen God-Tricks YOYO company.