ShenZhen Baocheng primary school “Children Culture Day” activities

On May 31, the eve of the children’s day.God-Tricks was invited to Baoan District of ShenZhen city Baocheng primary school.We came to the Baocheng primary school involved in what they held the first “Children Culture Day” activities.


Although the temperature up to 32 ℃,the children still high,they parents played with them,It was so many people at the scene.

At the scene, they were many different experience of children’s play areas,it could let the children played a lot of items.God-Tricks brought the YO-YO show , free experience and YO-YO professional teaching.


God-Tricks Area


Team God-Tricks Jodai’s YO-YO show


Team God-Tricks ChenJunHao YO-YO teaching

We saw a few  player with basis and with no basis,our team member ChenJunHao was also very patient, very active to  taught them , Launch YO-YO, take back YO-YO , and help them correct mistakes.


Children are palying  YO-YO

Wish you can keep passion for YO-YO

Parctice hard but do not hold up study

We hope one day to see you in competition!