SIP User Manual

SIP User Manual

This instruction contains important information, buyers must read it carefully.

1. SIP has 3 pairs of components ( ring x2, transparent cap x2, aluminum alloy cap x2)

2. SIP original state is with aluminum alloy cap

3. Notes

(1) the cap or  ring is an important part of this yo-yo. It should be installed with one set of parts and confirmed to be tightened before playing to avoid unnecessary accidents.

(2) if you hear slight collision noises during play, please catch the stop yo-yo  immediately and check the loose cap, and tighten the cap according to the method mentioned in this manual.

(3) players with sufficient technology can use the “finger spin” when removing the cap, but the ball must be equipped with the  ring.

(4) it is forbidden to use the “finger spin” when the cap and ring are removed.Because the position of the thread has relatively sharp parts,

in the state of high speed rotation, the impact of applying the top finger technique may cause damage to the nails and fingers.

(5) when installing the cap , please select the same cap plate on both sides to keep the yoyo balance so as not to affect the performance.

4.  Removing  ring

Methods 1:

(1) the middle finger and forefinger (or ring finger) of both hands support the smooth edge of one side of the sphere.

(2) press the thumb of both hands on the upper and lower edge of the  ring and give some pressure to the bearing direction.

(3) then move the thumb in the opposite direction to rotate the  ring counterclockwise (please see the picture below) until it is loosened

(4) continue to spin the ring (suggest the method 2 ) until it is released from the sphere.

(5) if be in a tight , repeat from step (1).

Methods 2 :

(1) hold the yoyo your right hand (both sides are ok, the picture below is only for clear display, generally holding the ball with the cap piece removed and the ball track on the same side is larger).

(2) use the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of the left hand to reach as far as possible into the gap between the  ring and the yoyo, and apply certain pressure to press the edge of the ring.

(3) apply pressure from the right hand to the center of the left hand while rotating the body counterclockwise (please look the picture below) to keep the  ring in a state of release.

(4) then the three fingers of the left hand grasped and supported the ring, and continued to spin the body until the  ring broke away from the sphere.

(5) if be in a tight , repeat from step (1).

5.  installing cap:

(1) one hand USES three fingers to grasp and hold the ring, while the other hand rotates the body (please look the picture below);

Or like twisting the bottle cap; twist the ring to about half of the ball screw (i.e. screw on but not tighten).

(2) hold the body in one hand and point one side of install the cap to the ground

(3) gently shake the yoyo until the sound of the collision between the cap and the ring becomes very slight or disappears to ensure that the cap is centered on the ring.

(4) one side of the cap needs to be installed in a horizontal position towards the ground.

The left hand USES the thumb, forefinger and middle finger to grasp and hold the ring.

The right hand exerts downward pressure and rotates the ball clockwise until it reaches the end of the thread.

Do not tighten too tightly to prevent difficult disassembly later.

6. If only the ring is installed, only the steps (2) and (3) can be omitted by installing the cap sheet.

7. Troubleshooting

(1) when the yoyo is spinning, it shakes in the absence of obvious deformation and gap of the sphere, possibly because the ring and cap are not tight ;Please repeat the instructions one more time.

(2) if the yoyo is not shaken from spinning when no cap or ring is installed, there is a chance to obtain the best performance by removing and installing cap, please try several times more and test it.

(3) when the product is impacted, if there is vibration caused by spin again, it’s cap may be skewing ;Please twist off both sides of the cap , reassemble and tighten it, so that the cap can be reset.