God-Tricks YO-YO Sixth anniversary activity

God-Tricks YO-YO in 2010 , founded the company is located in shenzhen, guangdong province .

The first in mainland China by professional players to design the product , and the companies operating  , the products including professional  yo-yos and accessories

Now there are two brands God-Tricks and GT·Infinity . From 2010 to now already 6 years .

This year our brands “INFINITY GT” renamed “GT·Infinity”

And launched the first 7075 yo-yo + outer ring of stainless steel products —Perseus


Thank you to accompany God-Tricks YO-YO through all these years , we made a limited ten sixth anniversary commemorative Perseus .

We will send out in the following way to thank you for your support for God-Tricks YO-YO .

The rest will be during the event period , There will be one yuan auction activity , welcome everyone to participate in.

1.91yoyo.net Activity posts


You can post in our sixth anniversary activity postings. Write down some  god bless or suggested that we should improve.(Only one per person)

By 12 noon on August 22, 2016 , we will randomly send sixth anniversary commemorative Perseus.

2.Sina weibo forward comments

You can focus on our official weibo @神技悠悠球  , keeping forward comments weibo campaign.

We will use weibo lucky draw platform to take out , Give out the sixth anniversary commemorative Perseus.

The last , Thank you for your accompany God-Tricks YO-YO through the six years ,  our all the staff and players here, thank you!